CH4x4 Hood Light Bar Vertical Switch

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CH4x4 Gray Series Rocker Jeep JK Hood LED Bar Symbol is a single throw ON – OFF switch designed to operate your 12 volt accessories. They have a face surface size of 2” (50mm) x 1” (25mm) and uses a standard din size mounting hole of 1.41” (36mm) x .86” (22mm) this is the standard size of most switch holes in modern vehicles, however it is best to check your particular hole size if unsure.

All symbols are laser etched directly onto the switch face to ensure long image life. We do not use stickers or ink which will wear off in a very short time.
More Information • Single Pole Single Throw ON-OFF switch
• Black hard surface rocker
• Two LEDs in the switch
• Upper LED is ON only when the switch is turned ON
• Lower LED is independent
• Both LEDs have separate grounds
• Same size as the Carling and ARB switches
• Rated 20A 12V
• No rear barriers between terminals
• Wiring diagram supplied with switch