HILIFT Jack 48" 2144 KG

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Hi-Lift jacks are designed to help you survive in the harshest envrionments, from the Moab Desert Canyons to the Welsh Mountains and the Amazon jungle. With a full-range of specially designed accessories, the Hi-Lift jack is just about the most versatile piece of off-roading equipment you can buy.

Hi-Lift all-cast jacks are the only all-cast jacks manufactured in the world today. The top winch-connector clamp is supplied as standard with all Hi-Lift jacks. The component gives the jack its multi-functionality, allowing the jack to be used in winching and clamping modes.

Each jack is tested in accordance with ASME/ANSI B30.1992 standard giving a rated load capacity of 4660 lbs and a tested load capacity of 7000 lbs, achieving a 150% safety factor. Additionally, each jack is fitted with a safety shear bolt which prevents the jack from being used on loads greater than 7000 lbs.
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