TRUXXX 2009-2017 Ford F150 4WD - 2" Truxxx Lift Kit - Front & Rear

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2009-2017 Ford F150 4x4

This Truxxx 2" front, 1" rear lift kit fits ALL 2009 - 2017 Ford F150 4x4 models. This Truxxx 105015 lift kit gives the truck owner what they really want - room for bigger tires! The leveling kit also fixes the nose down stance that modern trucks and suvs come with so that the appearance of the vehicle is improved and more ground clearance is provided! Once installed 4x4's can fit up to 34" tall tires on stock ( high offset) style wheels for on road use, for off road use 33” tall tires on stock ( high offset) wheels are recommended. All of our kits are a direct bolt in and require no modifications to your vehicle.

These kits retain the stock ride quality of your truck. Every Truxxx lift kit is made with USA or Canadian Mill Certified Steel and laser cut to precision tolerances using OEM drawings. Each kit is welded using the latest US Made welders and triple checked to ensure proper fitment. We powder coat every part to make sure the finish lasts as long as your truck does! Each kit contains two front strut spacers, real american steel u-bolts, rear blocks, all the required hardware detailed instructions and complete alignment specs. Recommended installation time is approx 2 hours + alignment and a 33-34” tall tires are commonly used on 4x4’s with a stock style offset wheel