2.0″ Single Needle gauge

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In stock


Requires a 1/8” NPT Female Compression Fitting for Installation (P/N 92838) 

For monitoring air pressure in line or air tank.

The Viair 2.0-Inch Single Needle Gauge provides convenient tire pressure monitoring when airing up. It eliminates switching back and forth between a tire-chuck and a tire pressure gauge. It comes with an illuminated face making it easier to read. Available in 160 PSI or 220 PSI maximum pressure and reads in PSI and bar. It is commonly used to monitor air pressure for air suspension systems or onboard air systems.

The Viair 2.0-Inch Single Needle Gauge includes a built-in thermal overload protector to protect the compressor whenever it overheats under harsh operating times. It is available with a white or black face with dual-colored numerals.