Black Hawk Customs – Soft Shackle 11mm X 55.4cm

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1.14.8 Ton Breaking Strength. Rope diameter: 1.1 cm, Rope length: 55.4 cm.
2.One piece construction – no pins to fasten.
3.Material-heavy duty Synthetic Fibre. Stronger and replacement for steel shackle
4.Safer to use without rattling or damaging the paint on bumper
5.Easily wraps on most difficult pulling points
6.Each synthetic rope shackles comes with Protective coating to Prevent Slippage
7.Each synthetic rope shackles are constructed from a single piece of UHWPE rope and can be easily attached and un-attached, Easy on and off
8.Synthetic Soft Shackles have variety of applications including Off-road Boating SUV ATV Marine Truck Recovery Trailer

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