Rubicon Express RXJ2002 Adjustable Neutral Force Steering Stabilizer for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK

Code: R/ERXJ2002

Key Features:
– NSF Steering Stabilizer
– Negative spring offses the force generated by increased gas pressure and aids in return to center
– Internal metering rod provides 13 stages of adjustability
– Less exposed Nitrocarb shaft reduces chance of rock or road debris damage
– Compact lighter design packs high force and technology
– Clear coat Zinc body finish
– Teflon lined spherical rod ends pressed in machined 601 aluminum ends
– 2 piece tie rod mount with billet cover

Vehicle Specific:
– Jeep Wrangler

AED 1,676.00

In stock

In stock


Rubicon Express has the better solution with their performance steering stabilizer. Traditional steering stabilizers without a negative spring are biased in the direction opposite the shaft, which creates a non-linier steering response. By contrast, Rubicon Express offers adjustability and a negative spring inside the stabilizer which offsets the force generated by increased gas pressure cause by the shaft displacing fluid inside the stabilizer.

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