STL Apex® 150 Watt Siren

Code: S-A150

Key Features:
– Powered by 12V
– Clear sound frequency
– Amplifier output power of 150-watts
– 6 independent input switches rated at 10 amps
– Independent siren tones for easy selection
– Tones include: Wail, Mech, Yelp, Sting, Tool, Hi-lo, Horn A, Horn B
– Programmable manual mode
– Radio rebroadcast feature available
– Includes microphone with 2 feet of coiled cable that extends to 6′
– Includes 8 feet of cable to speaker, power, and 4 other units
– Includes 10 feet of cable from amp to faceplate
– Speaker sold separately

AED 782.00

In stock

In stock


The Boss 200 Watt Siren system by SpeedTech Lights is one of the more powerful emergency vehicle siren systems on the market. With a total output of 200-watts coming from two 100-watt speakers (sold separately), this system is sure to clear traffic in any emergency situation. With dual-tone functionality built into the unit, the Boss 200 is perfect police, fire, ems or any emergency vehicle siren needs. The dual-tone feature allows you to run multiple siren tones together (1 from each speaker) so the sounds puts off an intense combination of siren tones to capture attention. Or you can utilize just one speaker tone from one speaker for still a powerful 100-watt output. Installation is made easy on the Boss 200-watt siren with all mounting necessities built-in and a separate faceplate from the amplifier for any custom vehicle installs. Choose from any of SpeedTech’s 100-watt speakers to pair with this system and make your vehicle one of the most powerful on the road.

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