PIAA H7 G3 LED Bulbs Twin Pack

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The new line of G3 LED bulbs brings performance and quality not seen before on the automotive market. The G3 LED bulbs use the new, higher output CREE XP-L chips that have a wider viewing angle than other performance LED bulbs. In addition, the LED chips sit on a thinner board that places the diode light source more toward the center of the column to replicate the precise location of a standard halogen filament. The combination of these two innovative designs, allows the G3 LEDs to increase beam intensity and provide continuous light distribution throughout the beam.

The H7 features a detachable fan base to allow a variety of spring clips to put pressure on the bulb base plate and keep the bulb aligned in the housing correctly. Additionally, because no two housings are the same, a set screw adjustment design allows you to fine-tune the beam pattern for your application to get a distribution that replicates the stock shape and is significantly brighter.

A newer controller addresses Pulse Width Modulation to prevent flickering or hyper flashing for most vehicles.
More Information Pulse width modulation control eliminates flickering for most applications
Adjustable beam to fine-tune alignment for precise optical outputs
5-year warranty that’s engineered for long lasting performance
Plug and play design comes with OE connectors for a quick and easy installation
Powerful cooling capacity for maximum brightness throughout the bulb life
Higher output CREE XP-L LEDs with wider viewing angle and thinner circuit board
6200k cool white color output to maximize output and contrast in dark climates
Additional capacitors may be required on some vehicles to ensure full power at turn on and eliminate flickering and error codes