PIAA LP560 LED White Driving Beam Kit

Brand: PIAA
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The LP560’s is the big brother to the LP550 in not only size but output. The larger reflector surface will give you much added reach over your stock high beams without sacrificing shoulder illumination. The integrated Reflector Facing Technology precisely controls the light output while keeping SAE-Y Compliant beam that eliminates glare for oncoming traffic and gives you peace of mind that you are running a street legal product. The LP560 mounting base has been re-engineered to include a metal collar, giving you ease of mind in even the roughest terrain.
More Information A beam designed for extreme distances with improved side and shoulder illumination
Reflector Facing Technology precisely controls output for better beam definition
6000k white output to replicate daylight for better illumination at night with 2 high power LEDs
The 5-15/16” light is a durable, light-weight design that can handle any terrain
Comes with two lights, mounting hardware, and harness with relay, fuse and switch
SAE-Y Compliant, 10G Vibration Rating, IP67 water tight, 2 Year Warranty
Ideal mounting location: bumper or overhead mounting for extreme distances