CURT Basket-Style Cargo Carrier

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  • brand: CURT MFG
  • Make: Universal

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Even with the roomiest of vehicles, packing the car for a long trip can quickly turn into a frustrating game of Tetris. CURT cargo carriers are a simple yet effective solution for maximizing the storage area of your vehicle. The advantage of a hitch-mounted cargo carrier is that it can be mounted on the rear or front end of the vehicle as long as the vehicle is properly equipped with the right receiver hitch. Mounting a cargo carrier in the front opens up the rear receiver hitch for towing a trailer or adding a second carrier or bike rack if needed. The hitch-mounted design also makes installation quick and easy.

CURT basket cargo carriers feature a strong bolt-together design and are made with heavy-duty carbide steel and a tubular construction for increased strength. One of the advantages of the basket style is its 6″ high sides. These provide extra security and peace of mind during travel. This particular basket cargo carrier features a 2″ x 2″ bent shank to provide more ground clearance, and it comes with a strong mesh platform to keep items more secure. It can accept up 500 lbs. of cargo and has a durable black powder coat finish to resist rust, scratches and UV damage. Whether you prefer the hitch-mounted carrier or the roof rack option, CURT has cargo management solutions to meet your needs.


More Information 6″ tall sides keep items more secure during travel
Frees up space inside the vehicle for passengers and cargo
Constructed from heavy-duty, tubular steel
Angled shank elevates carrier for more ground clearance
Mesh base for easy cleanup
Built-in reflectors add visibility for increased safety
Easily accepts a cargo bag, cargo net or bungees
Protected by a highly durable carbide powder coat finish




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