QUADRATEC QuadraTop® Adventure® Top S™ for 07-17 Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door

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Jeep Wrangler 2-Door (JK)

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Introducing Quadratec’s exclusive QuadraTop Adventure® Top S™ with Fold Back Sunroof! Includes all the great features as the Adventure® Top with the addition of a retractable sunroof! The Adventure Top S is specifically designed for the JK 2-door, and comes complete with every bit of hardware including door surrounds, tailgate bar, windshield header, fabric top and windows to complete the installation. The Adventure Top “S” features an easy-to-use fold back sunroof section providing quick open air enjoyment for the front seats. The Adventure Top S folds back even with the windows removed making it the ultimate flip back Bimini top! The Adventure Top S with fold-back sunroof is a patent pending design that’s easily engaged by simply stopping the vehicle; unlatching the two header clamps and folding it back! You can have open air driving in a matter of seconds! The Adventure Top S will provide lasting durability and unique restyling with the ride comfort you want and protection from the elements that you need. The Adventure Top S may not be compatible with some hood deflectors when the sunroof is in the open position without the use of Velcro retaining straps.
More Information Features: Flip Back Sunroof, Pressed Polished Windows, Tinted Windows
Color: 35 - Black Diamond
Hardware Type: Frameless
Door Configuration: Without Doors
Fabric: Sailcloth (28-30oz)