Scepter Military Fuel Can 5 Gal / 20 L

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The Scepter Military Water Canister (MWC) is fielded globally with numerous military forces.

Built to military specifications that, for example, call for minimum wall thickness of 0.10" / 2.5 mm. The Scepter MWC has been proven reliable and durable under the most extreme conditions.
The MWC comes in two versions, 20 litre (5 gal.).

Each has a uniform, single handle that, in the dark, prevents mistaking them for fuel canisters.

The large cap, the strap, the pouring spout and the breather cap are injection-moulded and fabricated from low-density polyethylene. The screw-cap is locked in the tightened position by means of a tab on the cap and strap assembly. Superimposed on the large cap is the small pouring spout, with its own cap, as well as the small breather cap assembly.
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