WEATHERTECH Sunbrella Outdoor Car Covers

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Nissan Patrol (Y62) 2013-2017

Designed to provide years of protection against the harsh effects, in any climate, of the sun. UV rays have a permanent effect on the paint and finish of a vehicle. Outdoor Custom-Fit Car Covers feature a Sunbrella enhanced acrylic fiber material that helps prevent this damage. With long-lasting strength and water resistance, these car covers defy color fading and resist rot due to extended exposure to the elements.

WeatherTech now offers a wide variety of Custom Fit Car Covers to choose from. With over 17,000 vehicle variations and an assortment of car cover options to choose from, you will be sure to find a car cover that’s an ideal fit and guaranteed to protect your vehicle from the elements.

Outdoor Car Cover - Sunbrella Offers:
High performance, long-lasting material
UV resistant that withstands harshest sun climates
Water resistant
Designed for outdoor use
Available in 3 colors
Front labeled for easy install
Sewn in vehicle ID tag in front of Cover to easily find the correct cover
2 Storage bags included
Custom-fit to hug the natural contours and shape, the cover prevents sediment, water, and other outdoor materials from resting on the vehicle. Purchasing a WeatherTech Outdoor Custom-Fit Car Cover will ensure quality vehicle protection and a superior long-lasting product.
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